Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reverse Sewing

Hi well do you do this?.............. Reverse sewing that is? in fact it looks pretty dreadful in this pic eekk I didn't think it was quite this bad....Oh i just thought I would whip a quick.... yeah right Ipad cover bag thing majiggy dovalacky up. I have had it scrunched in my hand whilst trying to un pick the smallest stiches that have tightened and driving me spare. I picked up the cheap and nasty black thread that is not Rasant- my new favourite,to load up my machine, I should have just gone with matching grey. Id be finished but am now paying the price for lets face it let than 8 bucks of fabric. It will take me hours to unpick. maybe that bit is off to the scrap bag and mark II   Ipad thing majiggy cover will start tomorrow.

Hope you had a happy stitching event today than me..
see ya then

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