Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chicago, New York, Houston Tips?

Well its just over two weeks now till I am off. I am going to Chicago for a work trip/ Sales incentive that I worked my butt off to win... yeah super excited. Apparently we tour the factory- that's the work bit. Then we go shopping and to Jazz clubs and to a baseball game oh and then more shopping I hope, ohh and then an Al Capone tour or some such thing. Its all rather overwhelming and exciting. There is 5 of us going in total from Oz and Nz. 3 of us have deceided to go to New York for a week and then I am going onto to Houston on my own. for Quilt Market and Festival..... omg I am so excited and cant begin to imaging my postage bill between clothes, fabric and books I cant wait. So If you have any tips or place's I MUST see please drop me a line or 2. I am open to all advice...17days to go.... Yipeee. If anyone reading this blog  is going to Houston this year I would love to meet up for say dinner, as I said I dont know a soul but I guess I will by the end of it all.
Cheers Stacey

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