Thursday, December 29, 2011

Phuket Christmas

A Christmas Tree Quilt in Buderim  made by my Mum

Merry  Christmas to you all. I hope you all had a wonderful festive day. Ours was rather an  un orthodox and definitely non traditional. We went to Phuket this Christmas, had a top time and celebrated our 17yr old graduating high school and being accepted into 'Uni for 2012.  We couldn't be more proud or happy for her.

So off we went to Thailand and had a great time, shopped till we dropped all came home with a top tan and had loads of facials and Massages. Even Hubby, poor guy stuck with all these females, who love to shop etc.
 Here is Miss 14 with a Pineapple fruit cocktail for like $5.00........ sooo cool. Oh and i cut her hair off whilst we there.... her request and its now 6" shorter.
We went Elephant trekking and had the best morning ever the elephants were so loved and well treated by there handlers, we all got to sit up front and ride........... more pics to come. I just love this photo of them. I have taken a pic of the original hence the large white spot. But I figured you would all forgive me.
So I hope you are all relaxed and looking toward 2012 with happy hearts and a lovely list of to do's for the coming year.
so sending all my love and hugs to you all.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Christmas is Thailand is a great idea!! Great photo of the elephant ride. I wouldn't mind one of those pineapple drinks, it looks delicious.

Michelle said...

sounds fab Stacey! will definitely have to catch up as we will need all the inside info on Phuket. glad you had a great time, Michelle xx