Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just having a go.

Back with label built in.

Well the binding is done and whilst I don't love this quilt it has come up quite nicely. I am happy with the quilting. This year has been really wonderful for me. I have become excited and passionate about fabric and sewing again. Whilst  I haven't hit my strides I feel more comfortable just getting on with giving a pattern a go, instead of being to afraid of ruining that gorgeous fabric. With this quilt I bought the fabric and cut it up all in the same week or month. This is very unlike me, I still have wonderful Robyn Pandorf fabric from 10 years ago, that I havent been able to cut up.  A job for 2012.
So thanks again to the world of blogging and a few of my friends who are quilters that inspire me to have a go.......

Happy sewing


Marg said...

I still find it difficult to cut up some of my favorite fabrics in case I make something horrible with it.
Well done on another finish, and including a label on the back.

Michelle said...

yay!! I can post again!! Well done, and dont' be afraid to use that beautiful fabric, its ruined if it just sits in a pile somewhere, unloved and uncut. So glad you are finding your stride, its a fun thing to find. Have a wonderful Christmas, Michelle xx