Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Slippers with Soul

 Recently I was looking though a few old mags and happily ripping out some patterns for one day I may have the time to make this lovely item, and came across this knitting pattern. Now I am not a knitter but my mum who lives in Goolwa Adelaide is. Mum meets with some ladies every fortnight, who live in retirement style living, maybe a little lonely for company and have time to explore there crafty side or learn a new skill. So mum has been gathering them together for some wonderful home baked goodness, and girlie time for many years. So I sent off this little Pattern to Mum for her and the ladies to test out. 
Now  Slippers with Soul maybe something you can recommend and pass onto your mum or a friend who may have a knitting passion and a soul for helping out others in our community. My Mum has made in 6 weeks  over 20 pairs and Mum tells me that 1 x 100gm ball makes 2 1/2 pairs of slippers, and she says even I could knit them. Well Mum that maybe a stretch but I love wearing them all the same. Maybe you have family in a nursing home who would love a pair for Christmas. Mum was an aged care Nurse for many years and she says they are perfect as the will stay on and not difficult to slip on someone's feet.

 thanks Mum my favourite colour too.

This is what they look like made up.
Thanks Mum I love them and thrilled you love them too.

Happy Knitting Stacey

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Marg said...

They would be perfect for tonight, it's so cold for this time of the year.