Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thank you.............

Denise Schmidt Fairground squares.

just needs the binding.
Its funny really, I love all the wonderful inspiration that I get from reading  all your blog's,  Your wonderful journey through your fabrics and crafting that is life, your family joys etc. But I hate that I lose so much time out of my days and nights cruising the blog world, secretly wishing I was half as talented as you, with all that time to sew, and complete projects. Wishing that i could stay at home 24/7 sewing. baking and being an awesome house keeper... ah der did I really say that... well I really want Alice Brady to live behind my kitchen and cook and clean and wash and look after my wonderful family. Ah well that fairy tale is not happening, at least not today.
So I am trying a new tact,  Rachel gave me her tip, stay away from the computer and sew for an hour every night. I know right I am a mother of teenagers this my mantra to them all the time. Keep off facebook and be time savvy. So I have been busy sewing and last night I put this quilt together and quilted her up last night and up again at 5.30 am finishing her off . I just need to do the hand sewing of the binding. Yeah so a big thank you to you all for being awesome and inspirational and pushing me on to sew  be creative and  happy.

Thank you


Marg said...

I underdstand, totally. I love reading blogs and finding inspiration and reading about all the goings on, but it takes so much time. I too am trying to find balanced time between reading and sewing. It's amazing how much you can achieve when you set aside some time AND you have your mojo :)

bettsylyn said...

The computer does take up a lot of time - I know how easy it is to want to travel around on the net. Usually over the school holidays I have to resort to more hand stitching which is portable. Your quilt is lovely but I don't know about the getting up at 5.30 am. :)

tania said...

so much beautiful thingies on your blog;)