Thursday, August 4, 2011

Duck Egg Blue

My duckies are back on the lay and here are 4 little blue ones

Pink Chocolate all together with my menagerie in the background and the 4 legged one too.

 Taylor loves her Jumper  thanks Nana. x
The Duck Napoleon has turned out to be Josephine, so we are getting more eggs than usual...I have 4 ducks and 6 chookies and they are wonderful recyclers of all kitchen scraps, give super eggs and the obvious.... fertiliser. They free range on our land of 3 acres and have the happiest of life when the dog isn't chasing them of course. I delivered some eggs to Michelle and the lovely Liisa, yesterday and her hubby loves duck eggs, apparently they are hard to find, so I will have to deliver some more soon.
I have to send a big thank you to my Mum who has knitted this jumper for Taylor without a pattern and a newspaper outline of one Taylor bought this season and needed another, ohh please do you think Nan would knit one for me I so loooove it.....

So thanks Nana she loves it.....xxxxx

Whooo hooo.
Have a happy day,


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Hi Stacey, just wanted to say I have been lurking in the darkness here watching your blog. Congrats on keeping up with it. Regards, Simone