Monday, August 8, 2011

Moda Baking

Hmmmmm Jelly Rolls. Don't they look yummy.
 Well a few weeks ago, I bought myself the Moda Bake shop book Fresh Fabric Treats from one of my local patchwork stores. Now I must say I dont usually buy myself books, Patterns but not the books ahhh i find it easier to part with $50.00 of fabric not a book..... this little gem with 16 patterns only $30 odd dollars  yeah and it is so lovely I particularly like the star quilt on the cover. I did make the little plastic.. bag from the book this afternoon and it took no time at all.... I need another bag like I need another fat quarter....oh well you get that don't you. This is a lovely book so keep an eye out for this one.

Oops its upside down but you get the idea.
Happy Baking  Stacey

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