Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bathroom Reno

Hi I know its nothing to do with Patchwork or Quilting, but Christine reminded me that I hadn't mentioned my ensuite renovation. Well it was completed about 10days ago and I am thrilled with it. Hubby finished putting the lovely light fittings in yesterday. So what do you think???????????
 I have spent many years dreaming about this ensuite and looking though Magazines and when staying in hotels picking what Mark and love about each piece. I love a bath so my Bath tub will be going outside the glass door and a surrounding wall will be built Bali style so when Mark com's in from the yard there is an outside shower to wash off the dirt  and grass before coming in..... 
                                                        Warning  photo overload
 The toilet is behind the wall, nice and discreet.

 This is a large double shower that could easily hold a party of 6 and everyone still get wet, we have not put in the glass panel yet, as we thought we would find out how much splash there would be. At this stage I would not bother putting in the glass, less to clean and it's not a problem... winter may change this though.
My lovely lights came from wait for it...... pillow talk. They are table lamps and are made of a lovely white stone that is unglazed. My darling hubby said no problem hunny we can change the fitting to make it work.
Look at the chook thru the door, even she wants a shower in here, and they hate getting wet
Ahhh my favourite photo. My lovely cupboard.
Love to read your comments.
Cheers Stacey


Marg said...

I'm jealous. It's fabulous. I would be posting hundreds of pics on here if it was mine, lol.

Anonymous said...

It is looking lovely, you must be very pleased to have it done, thanks for sharing

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Love that vanity cupboard, it really has an old world look about it. I wouldn't bother with the glass, we renovated and it was the best thing I've ever NOT done!! Love the colours too.