Monday, March 5, 2012

Hectic Hexies

 Well I have been busy and hectic doing life really. I have been so into My Kitchen Rules this season that getting of the couch to sew has been a non event. Oh well such is life, ohh but I have been busy making a few hexies......whilst sitting. That stack has grown up in the last little while. 2012 maybe the year to finish this sucker. I will be like a lost soul it has been with me since 2007, like a child really and ready to go off to school. I will need to start another. I would love to use a jelly roll of all coordinating fabrics and not so scrappy as this one. how are your hexies going?

And I so want Carla and what's his face to go home.oh well maybe next time.

Happy sewing Stacey


Marg said...

I've been trying to hand sew while watching tv but quite often I become too engrossed in the programme to continue sewing. You are doing well with your hexies, they are going to be fabulous all sewn together.

Michelle said...

You go girl, you're certainly whipping up a hexie storm! One day I will get to my hexie quilt... I hope. MKR is certainly a favourite here too xx