Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sister Sue

Coffee in a Bowl at French Twist.

Andy and I at Coolum

Andrea with her sewing headlight glasses.

Sisters are a Blessing
My sister and I have just had a lovely weekend together up on the Sunshine Coast. More on that later. But i just wanted to share these photos of us from this weekend. Mum sent Andy these glasses as a joke, they have a small led globe to the sides of the glass on each side. Mum has bought us all a pair. Classic, but they were worn a lot so Mum I think you have helped in the needle threading and reverse sewing..................
Andrea and I speak every Tuesday but haven't seen each other since July last year. We call each other Sista Sue hence the title. Anyway we spent the weekend at the Patchwork Angel doing a two day workshop with Kellie from Dont Look Now. It was fab and we had lots of laughs and learnt so much the Retreat was booked so we stayed at this lovely place in Coolum. We sewed wilst having the odd glass of wine mixed in while we were doing our Saturday night homework. We were still doing some sewing in our Pj's on Sunday morning.

I will post the  sewing pics tomorrow.

Cheers Stacey

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