Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini Boutique Reopens after floods

The very lovely Libby is re-opening her cute store in St Lucia "Mini Boutique" after the brisbane floods went clear through her delighful store. So today I stopped by to ask her how she was going etc and tomorrow she is re-opeming and having a sale. So lets support our local girl who has been closed for close to a month and support this most gorgeous store. Mini Boutique sells lovely childrens clothing 40% off in the sale,  ladies brand Metalicus 20% in sale  and a wide range of lovely toys, games and  jewellery etc also on sale. So please stop by if you can.

Mini Boutique
88Gailey Rd
St Lucia
Libby Scott, will be delighted to help you, so tell your friends and go for a drive.

happy friday to you all and thaks for stopping by

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