Saturday, February 5, 2011

busy week @ circle retreat quilter

Well its been a busy week this week plus - lots of energy has gone into not thinking about food and its paid off for me at least. Hubby and I started the liver cleansing diet on monday. We thought it was a good opportunity seeing our friends do this every Jan-Feb  . So no red meat, no dairy. beer or white wine- maybe 2 red wines a week?..... and keep away from packages sugary yummys that I Louuuve

Anyway I have lost a kilo and hubby has found it so he not so happy with me and I have had only 2 yes 2 coffee's all week. unheard of for me. and they were soy which i have really enjoyed. I have had a few green teas and also found green tea with vanilla. so have made some yummIced tea with a little apple juice thrown in- not so good from the sugar content i think?
So to keep myself not thinking about food I have hit the sewing machine, and this is what i have made for a friends birthday- I hope she likes it.
 Calico library bag from Lincraft  $1.50 bargan
 Little scrap pocket - lined after photo
 Measured  4 inches from the corners and sewed across to make a square base.
 and ta da....... cute little bag for a book, waterbottle and lunch with pocket for keys and phone. took no time at all and i am very happy with the result- happy I bought more than 1 of this little calico numbers.
My little purse shape is made up from more small scraps in crazy patch design. I have made this purse easily 30 times and never with crazy patch so note to self next time make in two sections. i have had to get creative to hide the over sewing - note flower fabric rough edged sewn? its worked so will improve it next time . Hope Jo wont mind?

now off for a swim before dinner with friends. Happy Saturday.

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