Monday, January 24, 2011

Ufo Complete 1 down many to go

 This is my love hearts an attenpt to get away from stippling all the time.
 The stitching completed
 The bag, as you can see from the previous photos its pretty basic and has a square base.
 These are the Magnetic fastners I have used to secure the top. These are available from Penny at the patchwork angel.
I love a good read and snuck this one in last week in between Oprah's Aussie Adventure and a million other things.I really enjoyed it.

Well I finished a UFO  the first for 2011 lets hope I can complete another 5 that I know I have sitting around. This bag is a copy of  a bag I bought from Sportsgirl some years ago and always loved,  so i just measured it up and wanted to practise some new quilting instead of stippling, what do you think of the hearts?. So nice to finish and now i can carry my latest library book, water bottle, and take it on my travels.
Now I must go to my real job and tonight must play with this blog to work out how to link Pennys page and make my banner smaller. Thanks to Briar Rose- Marilee for your advise. Tomorrow I'll be onto it.


Thea said...

Oh, I hope you do visit the girls at Samford. I was meaning to suggest that you put a direct link on your blog to your website and email - it's very hard to find and I'm afraid that a lot of people may not bother. It would be a pity for you to miss out on potential traffic. x

Beach said...

The banner looks fab.

circle retreat quilter said...

Thanks Girls for all your help, Simone, thanks for dropping by, i think i need to shrink it - bit out there. lol