Thursday, January 27, 2011

all viewers please vote

Hi there please vote on the fabric choice below, my kids are sick of me not covering this cute little seat I picked up at Vinnies............ So vote with you colour choice and help me finsh this little baby off.
 Vote 1 Robyn Pandolph   Empress Woo  Lotus Flowers
 Vote 2 This fab piece came from Simone beach vintage blogger. Store Just Plain Gorgeous
Vote 3 avairy moda
Vote 4 Robyn Pandolph Empress Woo

Happy days to you all and thanks for dropping by and I am looking forward to see what you vote for. just leave me a comment and order of prefered choice.  Stacey

1 comment:

circle retreat quilter said...

well its all points to the no 4 empress woo at the moment this is from my girlfriend who visited yesterday and seen the many fabrics over it during the last few months. Any one else care to comment?